National Intern Day 2021

by Anastasia Klipa and Ellen Durkin


For the past year, Lumis’ marketing department has grown with the onboarding of two interns, Ellen and Anastasia. In honor of this year’s National Intern Day, Ellen and Anastasia interviewed each other in order to reflect upon and share their experiences while working at Lumis.

Image shows Anastasia Klipa on the left and Ellen Durkin on the right.

The two were hired in July of 2020, during the height of the Covid pandemic, an obstacle that seemed unconducive to finding a summer internship. However, they feel incredibly fortunate to have found Lumis. “During the summer of 2020, I was browsing job apps in search of remote internship opportunities. At the time I was a rising Junior at the University of Pittsburgh’s College of Business Administration, so I wanted to make sure I was on track with getting job experience over the summer,” says Anastasia. “However, the pandemic posed many new challenges and there were limited internship and job opportunities. I saw a job posting for a Marketing Internship through Lumis. Upon researching the company, I was intrigued by their products and overall profile. I submitted my CV and resume and was then selected to interview. I was so fortunate to have been selected to become a part of the amazing Lumis team! I could not have imagined a better work experience, especially during such a turbulent time.”

“I also found out about Lumis through my internship search,” said Ellen. “I was particularly intrigued that this position was in the healthcare industry. Because it was during the height of the pandemic, the importance of healthcare was really emphasized and I knew working in this industry during this time would be a really valuable experience.”

The hiring process was smooth, and set a great first impression of the company, as expressed by Anastasia. “The application and interview process only took a few weeks and I was able to start shortly after accepting the offer for the position. I really appreciated the team’s responsiveness during this time. It definitely eased some of my anxieties regarding being able to find an internship during a summer that presented so many obstacles. During the interview, I remember being pleased by the comfortable environment that was created--even over Zoom! It helped calm my nerves and be myself throughout the interview. Doug and Tania were both very genuine, and their enthusiasm and passion for what they do was a motivating factor for me,” she said.

Ellen also had this to share in terms of first impressions: "The team was so welcoming! Doug and Tania were and still are open to topics we want to explore and marketing skills we want to refine. This has been a really unique experience because I have learned a lot while also being able to be independent and share my ideas. Lumis does a great job at valuing each team member’s work and opinions. I always felt as though I am appreciated."

As starting any new job or internship goes, there were many new aspects that Anastasia and Ellen faced on the job. What surprised Anastasia the most was the amount of knowledge she was able to gain in the healthcare and tech fields given that she had no previous expertise or training in those areas. “Lumis Corp is a healthcare software company--neither of which fields I was very knowledgeable in. However, I was eager to learn and became interested in those respective fields and it helped me become more comfortable in the space, which led to my abilities to create marketing content suitable for the company’s profile. Another thing that directly impacted my ability to quickly pick up new information was how open the team was. As interns, Ellen and I were encouraged to ask questions and provide our opinions. This made me feel comfortable as well as valued.”

Similarly, Ellen was surprised by her newfound knowledge of Pittsburgh’s healthcare and tech scene: “I have learned a lot about healthcare of course but also technology and the start-up space in Pittsburgh. Our blogs have allowed me to meet and speak with people I may have never met if it weren’t for this position. Pittsburgh truly is becoming more of a technological hub and I learned about a lot of cool companies that are creating products that help a lot of people. I could not be more proud to work for a company that is helping our city as well as cities all around the country.”

Anastasia and Ellen’s position as Marketing Interns had them taking lead on much of Lumis Corps’ marketing efforts. The team of interns completed market research in order to familiarize themselves with the market as well as key competitors. They worked on curating a library of online content, such as promotional imagery and blog posts, to be posted on Lumis’ various social media accounts and website. The blog posts featured informative pieces as well as interviews, which were used in two different blog series: Illuminating InSights, which featured healthcare training and education professionals, as well as the Pittsburgh Startup Blog Series, which featured founders and CEOs of several local startups. And throughout the process, Anastasia and Ellen tracked metrics to understand analytics related to user-engagement with the marketing content. Through these various functions, the pair advanced the company’s marketing efforts, as well as their own skills. Here is what they had to say about skill development throughout their internship with Lumis: “A skill that I have developed has definitely been market research. As a part of the marketing team, I had to do a lot of competitor and industry research when onboarding so I could understand the scope of the field and make sure we are keeping up. We also do a lot of data tracking to ensure we are meeting goals. It is really awesome to see your work contributing to the growth of a company,” remarked Ellen.

“Throughout the course of this internship, I have had the tremendous opportunity to develop, further, and learn many skills. One skill that I particularly enjoyed working on was writing and interviewing. Through developing several blog series, I was able to develop my informative writing skills as well as work on interviewing, as we did a lot of interviews for our Illuminating InSights and Pittsburgh Startup Spotlight blog series,” said Anastasia.

While reflecting on their tremendous experience with Lumis, a few things stood out in particular. For Ellen, her favorite part has been learning about marketing’s effect on the healthcare field. “I have previous experience in the retail industry but this has given me exposure to marketing in a different way. I also enjoy working for a company that creates products to wholeheartedly help others. As a college student it has been really cool to see fellow students at my university using Lumis’ products while studying to become nurses.”

For Anastasia, her favorite part has been the opportunity to develop her creativity during her time as an intern. “We were always encouraged to share our ideas and were given the creative freedom to start on projects that we had thought up. This is just one aspect of my internship that has made working at Lumis such a pleasure and an incredibly enriching and valuable opportunity that I will never forget.”

Ellen and Anastasia plan to embark on new opportunities starting July 30. They are so grateful for the past year they spent as a part of the Lumis team. They were thankful for their understanding teammates and flexible schedule that allowed them to continue with their internship while finishing their Senior and Junior years, respectfully. Their work will remain featured on the company’s social media pages and website. They encourage any prospective interns to apply to Lumis as more internship opportunities become available in the future.

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