Top 5 Reasons to Include Lumis Products in your Nursing Program

by Anastasia Klipa

September 16, 2020

Simulation-based training is a key element in nursing education and training. As a company, we aim to produce products with unique, effective, and innovative features that will enhance and improve the quality of education offered by any program. Here’s why:

1. Self-contained & Self-operated

Lumis Corp's InSight Platform is the first system of its kind to be fully self-contained, portable, durable, and can be operated by trainees 24/7 without an instructor present. Thus, education and training can occur without adding a strain on resources, such as additional instructors and staff. With Lumis’s built-in automated tutoring, “you don't need an instructor there all the time,” says John O’Donnell, RN, CRNA, MSN, DRPH. O’Donnell currently serves as Chair of the Department of Nurse Anesthesia and Director of the Nurse Anesthesia program at the University of Pittsburgh as well as Director of Curriculum and Customer Engagement at Lumis Corp. “You can go work on this on your own, which I think a lot of students want. They want the ability to practice and practice and then get feedback that's meaningful later.” With our InSight Platform, healthcare trainees and professionals can practice more often, more easily, and on their own schedules. This offers the perfect solution for safe training during the COVID-19 pandemic, as our system allows for small group and/or individual training sessions to take place at any time.

Students using Lumis InSight Platform

2. Real-time feedback

Our Smart Touch Skin and Smart IV Sleeve add-on sensors provide valuable real-time feedback which informs trainees on their performance. By providing feedback, our technology guides students to improve their performance through effective behavior change. They can pinpoint mistakes and adjust their techniques as needed. Real-time feedback has been proven to be a vital aspect of healthcare education, and studies have shown that students perform better following a training in which feedback was provided versus a training where feedback was absent.

Intubation with Lumis product

3. Customizable

With Lumis’s Cloud-Based Software, you receive instructional content, curriculum, automated instruction, data collection and reporting, and 24/7 on-demand training. Through collaboration, our team develops a curriculum that is perfectly tailored to fit your program's needs. Thus, we are able to customize our product to serve your program in the best way possible. Sue Williams and Rosanna Henry of Duquesne University’s School of Nursing were able to interact with the InSight Platform this past year. “It has been tailored to our needs. I mean, the augmented reality that we project onto that manikin looks exactly the way it looks in the textbook, so that has been helpful because the students can relate to that and see it in 3D,” says Sue. Our software works with our Insight Platform to create a realistic and intuitive training experience for your healthcare trainees and staff that measures user performance, gives real-time feedback, and shows underlying views of 3D anatomy and physiology. The InSight Platform is also designed to be used with any simulator manikin, even if it no longer works, which happens to be the case often. “This idea that we could reanimate simulators that no longer work is really an attractive message,” adds John O’Donnell.

4. Mobile Compatibility

A major advantage of our Insight Platform Software is its compatibility with mobile devices. This feature allows users to adopt a flexible schedule, as they can effectively train whenever and wherever their mobile device goes, which is especially useful during remote and distance learning sessions.

5. Paid Pilot Program

Lumis’s Paid Pilot Program gives nursing programs 3-year access to our Insight Platform, which includes the Augmented Reality (AR) Projection System, Add-on Sensors, and Proprietary Software and Integrated Curriculum at an unbeatable price. Duquesne University’s School of Nursing participated in the Paid Pilot Program with Lumis’ InSight Platform. Their students’ reaction from using the platform showed that it is not only valued by the nursing school program, but by the students as well. “The students were excited. They were engaged. They were happy to be part of it,” says Duquesne professor Sue Williams.

During the Paid Pilot Program, our team will work with you to develop a customized curriculum that is tailored to fit your program’s needs, demonstrating our dedication to providing the best possible user experience. “I think the individual components that each Pilot Program wants, and us being able to deliver on that, really shows the versatility of our Platform in being deployed in various environments to meet the customer needs,” says Doug Nelson, CEO of Lumis.

Participating in our Paid Pilot Program entails access to the following:

  • Customized Curriculum- Lumis developers integrate curricular modules based upon your training needs
  • Automated Instruction- promotes more training without requiring more faculty
  • White-Glove Service- Lumis will provide 100% installation, service ,and training
  • Remote Support- includes built-in wi-fi hot-spot that enables remote monitoring, support, and software upgrades
  • Lifetime Best Pricing- as a pilot participant, you will always be offered the lowest available pricing

Lumis Informational Pamphlet

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